Friday, May 24, 2024

A Lifetime of Firsts


Something's been on my mind lately and it's about how we keep growing, even when we're already old(ish). 

Growing up, I assumed the adults in my life knew pretty much all there was to know. I mean, they were old (or so I thought). 

But as I've gotten older, become a wife, mom, mother-in-love, and now a Millie (grandmother), I've realized that there is still so much I have to learn and so many more "firsts" I have to experience.

I used to think "firsts" were something that young people experienced. Or maybe having your first baby and going through all the "firsts" with them, was something. But then my kids grew up and got married and then I was experiencing my first daughter-in-love. Then my 2nd son got married and I was blessed with a 2nd DIL and it was my "first" time dividing my love between the two.

Then my first grand baby came along and my heart melted like never before...oh! and she was a girl, another first. Then her sister was born and it was my first time to have two granddaughters, 16 months apart. Again...something new to navigate. Then girl number 3 joined us and she was something new, as well. 

With each new baby, I've had to adjust to loving one more, keeping one more, teaching one more, and making sure everyone felt loved and enjoyed.

Then we had our "first" grandson and we were so delighted. Our "first" boy in a sea of girls. Five months later, we had our 2nd grandson and now it was our first time to have 5 grand babies in one tiny cottage!

Each time our grown kids experience a "first", it's our first time to walk along side them and guide them or stay quiet (always a hard "first" 😅). 

Sometimes we have decisions to make and they lead to our own first mistakes, mishaps in parenting or first family issues. 

The "firsts" are endless and they don't stop, just because you reach a certain age.

Growth is part of life and life is an endless line of learning and doing and learning something new.

I've learned that it's important to communicate this issue of "firsts" with your kids, just so they know that you're still learning and growing and navigating new things too. Maybe this helps them to see that you're human too 😅

So...if you're reading this and you've recently experienced something for the first time, I see you 😊

It might be something joyful or something painful, but either way, it's your first and it means means you're growing.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

I'm off to experience our first blow-up water slide in the yard. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time...



  1. Yes, firsts can be joyful and some painful. But most firsts are just amazing. The things we never knew - become a way of life. Life sure is a merry-go-round, with a new scene on every turn.

  2. Such a great post! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday my friend.

  3. I love this post! I really appreciate your perspective on firsts, especially those we experience at this stage of life! As a retired kindergarten teacher, I've always thought of the importance of lifelong learning but now as a Grand to two young granddaughters (our youngest is only 3 weeks old) I love the parallel of firsts! Thank you! (I've been visiting your site for a few months now ever since I found it but it's my first time commenting.). Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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