Monday, September 11, 2023

Happy Monday!


Hello Friends!

It's Monday morning and I'm having my coffee and catching up on everyone's blogs. I just love reading about your lives, seeing what you're working on, what you're organizing and what inspiring things you've been doing. You all inspire me to get busy and work on my own things πŸ˜€

David and I had a good weekend. We spent Saturday shopping for our granddaughter's birthday, which is actually today. She's our first grand baby and she's 8 today. Later this week I'll share what we got her and her reaction. 

Sunday we tried a new Sunday School class - which by the way - I realize we are behind the times because we still call it a Sunday school class, when they are actually called "Connection Groups" or something like that now. Oh well. 

Anyway, it was a great class, full of old friends and familiar faces. We are loving being back at our home church. It's like a reunion every week.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching a movie - Julie and Julia. This was such a good movie! Julia Child was an interesting person, to say the least and Meryl Streep did a great job of portraying her. 

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon movie. I sat on the floor and worked on a new puzzle while watching the movie. David dozed on the couch in between sips of his coffee 😴

Eventually we both had to get up and do things.

With David's mom in an assisted living, we often get her groceries, such as snacks and supplies. So I headed off to the store with her list and gave David a "honey-do" job to do while I was gone, which was spraying down all the windows with bleach. 

Our windows had gotten so dirty and had some algae starting to grow on them. A combination of such hot temps, dusty winds and humidity.  So while I was at the store, he sprayed and scrubbed all the windows and now they look great again. 

When I got back with the groceries, he then delivered the supplies to his mom, which is about 15 minutes from where we live. 

I called both of my sons and talked to them (and my Morgan) while David was gone. They are about to embark on a week long project, so I wanted to just hear their voices before the week got started. Now that we aren't with them at church, I miss them in between visits. 

David got back from seeing his mom and we settled in for a few episodes of Frasier before I headed off to bed. 

Lately I've been working on my laptop, trying to transfer my photos to my big computer. It's not going well! There is a disconnect between the two computers and the cloud and nothing is transferring and we haven't been able to figure it out. I even had my techie son (Collin) look at it and it's a mystery to both of us.

Why do we take so many pictures anyway?

Besides working on my photo project, I've been educating myself on Youtube with videos about Velocity Banking. If you're not into personal finance and don't enjoy it, this will bore you beyond bored. But I find it very interesting and I love budgeting, so it's been a nice change from watching people clean their house or live on narrowboats πŸ˜€

Today I will be busy cleaning and prepping some food for family dinner (and Emmy's birthday celebration) tomorrow. 

I have a full list of To-Do's today, one of them being "exercise." Should I put it at the top of the list or the bottom? Hmmm...πŸ˜… Or maybe I'll count the mopping as exercise and just mark it off the list already. 

Either way, I'll burn a few calories, which is always good!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Pray for rain! Texas is starting to have wildfires and not too far away from here. 

Until Next Time...



  1. Happy cleaning and doing to you today! I plan on doing the same. I've gotten behind lately because of life and unexpected things that take me away from home. I need to play catch up all day! I have plans to clean the whole house and vacuum every room and hallway. I may even mop, if I can keep the dogs out long enough! I love having a day at home to do this! I didn't have that last week, with Labor day being on Monday, and with work. I also need to get some groceries for the week...we'll see how much I can get accomplished. I love being inspired by blogs!

    1. Jennifer, it's so nice to have a full day at home! Those are my favorites, especially after a busy weekend.

  2. Have a great day of cleaning and preparing for your family time. Sounds like you had a nice Sunday - relaxing. I love the picture - it looks so cozy!

    1. Hi Cheryl! That's my "reading" chair. I love to sit there in the early morning or afternoons and read.

  3. Monday is my main cleaning day! I exercise before everything else. I just go do it first thing or I will talk myself out of it. Not something I enjoy but I know how much it helps my health!
    I hear you about too many pictures! We have been married 41 years and I just finished redoing the first 10 years of pictures! Such a job- took me months! But I am so happy I did! Also made first two children photo albums of their own of their early years. Number 3 wasn't born yet. : )

    1. Hi Angela, I did manage to get my exercise in this morning, so yay!! And I need to hear more about how people do their photo projects. It's going to take some inspiration to get me motivated.

  4. Never heard of velocity banking but I will look it up. Our income is not bad but this inflation has us wondering what we will do if it keeps getting worse.
    We are getting light rain and much cooler temps today - hope it heads your way.

    Exercise- I need to do it early and almost first thing as I pretty much run out of energy later in the day.

    1. Rhonda, I have noticed that anything I leave to the afternoon, just might not make it :) I work much better in the mornings.

  5. Happiest birthday wishes to your sweet grand girly!! The one who made you Millie:) Enjoy all the birthday celebrations. I'm curious to know what you gave her! No idea what velocity banking is - but I do know about Sunday school. Attend it every week (yes, that is what we call it!) Yeah - have a great week, friend

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I plan on taking pictures of her gift tonight. I'll share this week :)

  6. Sounds fabulous! I found you on Debbie's list, and plan to visit again. Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage, Laura


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