Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dressing Up the Cottage Windows

Hello Friends!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

David and I have been busy this weekend, painting and filling flower boxes on the front of our house.

I've wanted flower boxes for years, because I thought it would make the house look so much more cottagey, and just give the front of the house some character.


David had some extra wood laying around, so one weekend he whipped these out in no time and this weekend we painted them.

I couldn't decide on the paint color, so I took to the trusty friend, Pinterest, and looked for accents on yellow houses. I saw a picture of a yellow house, white trim, with navy shutters and it was my favorite, so I tried to match the color to that picture.

I didn't want to go with green, because of all the greenery in the flower beds, plus it felt too cliche' - yellow and green - so I chose the blue.

Now, I have to tell the story of why the front of the house looks like the back of a house...that's because it is!

Because we live on a lake, whoever built this house thought it was necessary to put the front of the house facing the lake. That means we drive into our driveway looking at the ugly back of the house, with all of the utilities attached. 

So we are on a mission to change the look of the "front" of the house to something a bit more inviting. The flower boxes are a good start. 

Speaking of lake...this is what our front yard looked like after that crazy storm Wednesday morning. It drained off quickly, but just 30 miles up the road they were having flash floods and are still dealing with the rivers cresting, this weekend. 

In other news, earlier in the week, we celebrated my oldest son's birthday. Ted turned 31 this year. Ted was born an old soul, so we always say that his age has finally caught up to him. We had a great family night, complete with tacos, beans, rice, chips and dips and his wife, Alex, made a delicious banana pudding.

Ted turning 31 marks the 31st anniversary of me being a stay-at-home-mom. I was working as a church secretary while pregnant with Ted and worked up to the last week before his due date. 

Up to the time of having Ted, I worked and saved my salary, knowing that we would soon be living off one income. I knew I wanted to stay home and raise my own kids, so we were preparing for that day by paying bills and saving money. 

Thirty-one years later, we have lived through several job losses, deaths, moves, budget cuts, debt, and many more things that life throws you, yet I've never left home to get a job. There were times I was tempted, but every single time God would sustain my desire to be a homemaker and he would provide.
To this day, I'm so thankful and grateful. I got to homeschool my boys, take care of my home and now I enjoy keeping my grandchildren. 

I have always believed that the Lord honored my desire to be at home, because it truly was his purpose for my life and family. 

I will always treasure my time at home.

Well, thanks for listening to my ramblings today 😊

I'm off to see what's for breakfast. 

I hope you have a wonderfully, blessed day!

Until Next Time...


  1. I love the window boxes and flowers. Good choices in colors! Cabins are that way - the front faces water and the back the road. Opposite of what most home do. I had a lake in my yard this week too - but I don't live on water!
    Happy birthday to your son.


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