Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A Beautiful Weekend

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I hope your week is off to a good start. I will say that Monday was a strange day, but I didn't have jury duty, so I was thrilled to have the day as my own. I started off the day by waking at 4:15 a.m., which is early for me. I usually wake around 5:00 a.m., but the 4's are starting to creep in slowly. 

I decided to splurge and get my nails done (hopefully for the last time). I've only gotten them done a few times this past year, but the last time I removed them at home, I really damaged them and they have been thin and breaking for the past month. They wouldn't grow back at all, so I decided to get a set put on so that my real nails will have a chance to grow. 

When I got to the nail salon, I ended up with a male nail tech, which is not my preference. But I didn't want to be rude, so I just went with it. Usually the women don't have much to say, while doing my nails, but this man talked so much that an hour long appointment turned out to be almost 2 hours! Every time he would start talking, he would stop working on my nails! He talked about plants, then went into a very long discussion about how food can heal your body from illnesses. Apparently he was very passionate about the subject and would have talked for another hour, had I had the patience to listen. 

Eventually I had to start looking at my watch and moving back in my chair, just to signal to him that I was ready to go. But even at the register, he wanted to continue the chat. I had equal parts of annoyance and empathy for him, as he seemed to feel very deeply about what he was saying, but he also didn't take into account that he had already kept me for way too long. 

I will say that I think he repeated some steps on my nails, several times, because he kept getting distracted. But he gave me some helpful advice and told me I could keep them on for a month, to allow my natural nail to grow. Was it worth it? I suppose so. But truthfully, not sure I'll go back for the soak off. I'll have to think about it 😅 


In other news...Sunday was the most beautiful, spring-like day we've had in a long time. David and I went to the kid's church and had lunch with half of them. We ended up bringing the three girls home for the day and spent most of the day outside.

Our neighbors, that we share the lake with, had some friends over who were taking their jet skies for a run and it was fun to watch them having fun on the lake. 

The girls rode their bikes and played with the neighbor girls for a while in the yard, while David and I had coffee on the back porch. 

Then it was time to fix supper and take them home. 

Of course, we had to do a craft while at Millie and PawPaw's. This is their favorite thing to do. While they painted, I made some chocolate chip cookies. I gave them their first taste of cookie dough, which they loved. 

On Saturday I bought my first plant of the season. I wanted to fill up this adorable planter the kids gave me last Mother's Day. It sits on my back porch table. 

Friday I had a craft day with my friend Kim and we made another creation off of Instagram. That's basically what we all do now, is pass around craft ideas to one another through messages. Or organizing ideas, recipes, things to make or buy. But it's fun and we get some fun ideas.

This was a spring idea, where you take a round, wooden disc and glue straws to the front. Sounds easy enough, except that Kim's electricity went out that morning and we couldn't use glue guns, so we had to improvise and use ModPodge and Elmer's glue. It took twice as long to finish the project because the glue took much longer to dry.

But here's the finished product and it turned out pretty good. Eventually I might change out the flowers for some that don't look so fake, but for now it's ok. It adds a touch of color to my office door and it was fun making it. 

Today I have a long list of things to catch up on. I was really tired yesterday and the weather was gloomy, so I didn't get much done. But today is the day!

Kim and I have another craft day tomorrow, before she leaves for another month, so I'm baking a cake, cleaning and getting our paper supplies ready, so we can work on our junk journals tomorrow. I'm looking forward to learning some new things about book binding, that I will share later. 

But for now, I'm off to finish my coffee, read my assigned chapter in my Growing Slow book and get ready for the day. 

Thanks for reading this far! I know this was a long post full of random things. 

I appreciate you 😀💖

Until Next Time...


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend and of course having the kiddos there made it extra special. I love the craft project you made - that is adorable and so springy looking.
    Your lake looks so pretty.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I enjoy long posts filled with random things! And I love it all, but maybe the most? The cookie dough! Have a cozy day, my friend.

  3. These types of blog posts are always my favorites! I love that you had a spontaneous Millie and Paw Paw day after church on Sunday. How fun to give them their first bites of cookie dough! I love how your craft turned out! This sounds like such a fun thing to do. Thanks for sharing bits of life with us all! I hope you were able to have a productive day after all.

  4. It must be so nice to live right on the water like that. Just beautiful.
    Would you believe I have NEVER had a professional manicure!! I always do my own nails.


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