Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Welcoming December


Hello Friends! 

It's been a few weeks since my last post, for no particular reason. I have been enjoying the beginning of the holiday season by getting together with my friend, Kim, to make these cute pom pom trees. Lots of fun!

We also had Thanksgiving, where half of our crew was sick with a bad cold/flu and I finally got it Thanksgiving night. Yay! 😷

Today is the first day that I've felt normal since then. I hope it lasts! I've had my fill of cough meds and Vicks, to last me awhile. 

While I don't have my tree up yet, I've been wrapping gifts for weeks and stuffing them under my craft table. I'm completely up to date - including David's birthday gift - which happens to be smack in the middle of the month. We also have Morgan's birthday a few days after that, which makes December even more festive every year!

I was letting myself get stressed over all the things on the calendar for this month, including an important surgery for my mom, but I woke up this morning and decided that I'm not going to let this month get away from me by being stressed.

Instead, I'm going to take each day as it comes and do my best in between obligations. Life doesn't stop just because it's December, but it sure can be more festive, if we choose to let it!


In the month of December, I have a few goals of taking more pictures, being ok with the fullness of the calendar and having an attitude of thankfulness, because we truly are so blessed. Really, the blessings just multiply when you choose to be thankful, don't they?

So, I will finish off this last week of November by getting well, putting up decorations and getting ready to welcome December with a big HELLO on Friday. 

How about you? 

Is December bringing in a bit of stress or are you geared up and ready to embrace the busy?
Either way, we must not forget what the season is really all about. With that in mind, let's find our joy in remembering that Jesus loves us and we wouldn't have Christmas without Him. 

Until Next Time...

Stay warm and cozy!


  1. Gratitude is an attitude that helps dispel stress and sleepless nights. It's a good habit to create. Used to be there were 11 birthdays and 3 anniversaries in the family from Dec. 5th - Jan. 5th, all in the midst of Christmas. With the passing of loved ones that number has shrunk. Our sons have grown. We don't have grandchildren. I miss those busy, busy holidays, but know I wouldn't have the energy for it now, so am thankful for our scaled-back season ahead.

  2. I put up our tree this past weekend - much earlier than usual. Our Christmas is very stress free. We don't do all the presents anymore. I love to bake so do a lot of baking to give away.
    I find if I concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas it makes for a peaceful one.
    The pompom trees are so cute!

  3. Glad you are feeling better now. Love the little trees. Sounds like you are doing great on holiday things. Just enjoy!

  4. Hello, my friend. So sorry about the sickness. It is passing around here too. I am inspired by your wrapping. I have that in the back of my mind, but just need to jump in! I also wrote about living in the moment and appreciating this lovely time of year. It does pass so quickly! Have a cozy afternoon!


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