Wednesday, September 20, 2023

What I've Been Up To So Far - Happy Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm trying to remember to take more pictures throughout the week,
so I can share more of my real life.
So, even though we're only halfway through,
here are some things I've been up to this week...

Here's the view out my living room window.
I love birds and it's one of the few collections
that I will add to, even though
I have plenty.

I also can't resist a pretty view,
especially when the light is hitting it
just right.

We celebrated another birthday this week.

This time it's my DIL Alex.

Usually I fix up a pretty Fall basket for her

birthday, since she loves Fall and

sometimes her birthday has actually 

landed on the exact "first day" of Fall.

But this year I saw this cute paper and

decided to switch it up.

Here's what I've been having for lunch this week.

I had some taco meat in the freezer,

along with some black beans and corn,

so I made a pot of rice, added some spicy guacamole 

and had a very tasty lunch. 

I have enough for one more bowl,

but I don't know if I can do it for the 3rd day in a row.

We'll see ๐Ÿ˜…

I had to snap a screenshot of this!

Ted's new song, Dominion,

made the Top Christian Hits 2023 list

on Spotify last week!

And it's still there!

It's a beautiful song

and you can find the video HERE

I caught this from the kitchen window

this week.

A red bird on the windmill,

one on the sign,

and I think there is one in the birdbath

splashing around.

Here's my ivy that I haven't killed yet.
Yay me!!

I received an order from

Grove this week.

I've tried to use other cleaners,

but the Mrs. Meyer's is my favorite.

Everything they have is good quality and

smells amazing.

If you haven't tried their

room fresheners,

they are worth it!

Every morning,

after David leaves for work,

I straighten the living room,

turn on some music,

and spray the furniture and curtains with

one of my favorite scents.

This week I organized my office closet.

Things had gotten out of hand in there.

Up top is all of my scraps that

have to be made into something one day.

Photo prints that I'm planning to scan,

and cards and letters that I've kept for us and the boys.

One day.

And, I thought I'd share this nifty idea...

the shoe bag on the back of the door trick.

It's the perfect place for all things wrapping.

I also use one of these on the back of the bathroom

door. We put all of our toiletries in it,

due to us having limited storage.

These are cheap and they work so well,

for so many things. 

it's a staple around here.

I have a feeling I'll be having several cups today,
as I continue to work on 
getting my pictures off my laptop and
onto the Big Mac, as I call it.
The iCloud is not my friend!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
my friends!

Until Next Time...


  1. I could eat that every day - no problem! Lovely pictures. Gosh, I would like just one closet that clean and organized!

  2. What a great week and good job you've done at documenting the everyday things! The shoe bag is a great idea. I have a friend who uses hers on the back of her pantry door, and fills it with snacks for her kids. I loved seeing more glimpses of your home!

  3. Those birds on the windowsill are just so pretty! What a lovely view! Your home is just so cozy and homey (in the sweetest of ways!) That storage idea with the shoe bag is one I need to try. I have tried several ideas for wrapping supplies, etc but have not found an ideal solution. This just might be it. Your lunch looks yummy. In fact, it is making me hungry! Happy Monday to you, friend!


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